3 Tips to Improve Your Google My Business Local Search Ranking and Attract Potential Customers

Google My Business: 3 key points to improve local search rankings and attract potential customers

Google is the world’s largest search engine, receiving more than 10 million searches per second per day. However, before the user starts searching, about 90% of the searchers or search behavior do not know the destination, that is, they must first find you and stand out from the competitors, that is, the search position is good enough

For brick and mortar businesses, without “Google My Business”, you will miss many display and sales opportunities. “Google My Business” is one of the most underrated digital marketing tools because “Google My Business” is Google ’s assistive tool that connects businesses with local consumers and helps increase sales for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Regardless of your industry or market size, getting the most out of this tool can be very beneficial, not to mention you don’t need to spend any money to apply. Having “My Business” allows businesses to maximize the use of natural search traffic, which leads to more visitors, reviews and other benefits.

How to optimize Google My Business?

1. Fill out the merchant details in detail

Google My Business can be one of your most powerful SEO tools, but applying for a build is not enough. Business information is the most basic and necessary optimization. The most influential business profiles are name, address, phone, website link, description, and business category.

Please note that the phone number should be entered in the area phone number (including area code). For the convenience of connection, please do not fill in the mobile phone number, because the system can identify the area phone.
Filling in information such as free WiFi, parking lot, etc. is also very helpful to attract shoppers.

2. Upload business and product photos

In addition, with Google My Business, you can upload photos and videos of your store’s products or services to attract customers. In fact, there is a strong link between this and search rankings.

So try uploading at least 5 to 10 photos or videos, of course, the more you upload, the better, and it’s best to keep it updated. This can add color to the brand business and provide more references before consumption.

Accumulate praise and intentional reply

3. Google My Business allows customers to leave reviews and pictures in your business

This is a very good feature because satisfied customers can share their consumption experience with interested new customers, but dissatisfied customers also leave bad reviews. No matter how good the assessment is, you need to monitor and respond regularly.

Three reasons to monitor and respond to comments (good or bad):

  • Most people are reluctant to get too many negative reviews from merchants, so don’t ignore negative reviews as they directly affect sales performance
  • Many users browse reviews before going to the store for consumption, which is also the key to their important decision whether to go to the store
  • Buyers have more doubts or suspicions if no one writes a negative review, so they are hesitant

In other words, taking full advantage of customer reviews can attract more shoppers.

You need to direct satisfied customers to leave as much praise as possible. For positive reviews, it’s better to say a few words of gratitude than to not respond. Accept negative reviews and focus on negative reviews to the greatest extent possible, rather than not responding when you are emotional. At least wait until you accept it before responding to negative comments or processing compensation.

Google My Business also has a mobile app, a good way to keep you updated anytime, anywhere, and make it easier for you to answer questions and comments. This is also a place that many businesses have not done well. GMB APP can be installed on iPhone and Android phones.

Install"Google My Business"Android
Install"Google My Business"iOS

At last,

Google continues to provide web-assisted tools for consumer and business development. Proper use of these tools can help companies increase sales and brand awareness.

“Google My Business” is indeed a small step towards a better future, but in the final analysis, GMB is only a tool unless you are fully committed to it. Run “Google My Business” well and it will pay you back. Of course, there are other points in my business, but if I can do the above, I believe I can already outperform many unplanned businesses.

Like it when you like it, share it when you use it, don’t slap your praise ~

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